Recently it came to light that one of Trump’s top aids, Rob Porter, was physically and verbally abusive to both of his ex wives. If you’ve seen the black and blue picture of his first wife, Colbie Holderness, you know how heartless this man is. When his former boss, Donald Trump, defends him by dismissing his ex wive’s realities, and defends himself against the upwards of 22 women who have accused him of sexual harassment and sexual assault, we know this problem has come to a head. What is a third grade History teacher supposed to say to her female students when our own president is not only a sexual predator, but defends everyone in his tribe that is of like mind. Now, let me be clear. I’ve never been crazy about politics. Most of it seems like an absolute sham, a game I’d rather not play. But nonetheless, our president symbolizes the state of this country. And I am utterly sickened as a result. When I wrote the song Cool For Chaos, I didn’t really know what exactly was coming through me.

Lyrics such as ...
“I heard you speak like a savaged wolf
And I let you eat the closest thing to love
But I’m a useable force
You’re gonna’ have to push harder than that
I know you, you’ll shut my lips
You’ll say, shove yourself down with
But wait, are you cool for chaos?

Upon reflection, I realize more than EVER that I was finding my voice, unafraid of it’s power, and ready to fight back with strong truths.
Oddly enough, the music video had me in a glass box, manipulated by a wire doll, fighting for my last breath.   LET ME BE CLEAR. I broke OUT of that fucking box. And nobody, not my president, not a fellow man, NOBODY, can put me back in it. So dear Donald Trump...You’re crowned king of the dis-ease that has poisoned our society for centuries. You and your infective mentality will soon be dinosaurs, and women will be HEARD.  To all my female fans and friends, I stand by you all the way. To all the respectful male fans, thank you for helping pave the way for other men.


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