"Who You Talkin' To Man" Lyric Video

Come check out the lyric video for my song I did with Tyler Bates in the brand new John Wick movie starring the lovely Keanu Reeves!

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Hi my little passion pushers. MTV highlighted us as possible artist of the week. If you feel we are deserving, go give a click and vote! It's easy as pie. xx
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"Sunshiny Milk" Music Video Premiere

IT’S HERE! The world premiere of our new music video for Sunshiny Milk from our debut album, Chrysalis!!! Watch it NOW exclusively on Diffuser.fm


Interview - Venue Toronto

Nostalghia is one of the most unique, emotional and poetic acts that you can imagine. Watching vocalist and songwriter Ciscandra Nostalghia perform with such power and strength, was inspiring. Her songs and lyrics are so honest and truthful to her as a person it was amazing being able to experience and to feel her truthfulness and pain through her music. Having the opportunity to speak to her through an interview was enriching hearing how she views and is personally affected by the environment around her. Ciscandra has paired with Roy Gnan after posting an ad wanting to find an artist who could work with her and her visions. Ciscandra herself describes Roy as being an “octopus” in the sense that he can play a vast amount of instruments. Along with the duo is touring artist, Adele Stein. Nostalghia's genre has been termed ‘post-apocalyptic gypsy punk’ however after listening to their music it is evident that there is no real way of classifying Nostalghia.

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