“Ritual is an art form and a tool for metamorphosis. With wings as our greatest weapon, we transcend the mundane, and soar into the celestial realms of our deepest purpose. From Pupa, to Chrysalis, to Imago, let us gently bloom into the Gorgeous Creatures we were always meant to be. Eternally your guide and devoted to our collective transformation…” -Nostalghia

Created by artist/musician/certified herbalist/certified aromatherapist/metamorphic-guide, Nostalghia and artist/musician Roy Gnan, Gorgeous Creature is an ethereal brand dedicated to soulful support for a rapturous spirit, including (but not limited to) elegantly hand-crafted altar pieces, hand-crafted sacred stone jewelry, skincare products, therapeutic oils, ethically wild-harvested or organic flower essences/aura mists, metamorphic ritual consultations with Nostalghia herself, and of course, Nostalghia’s emotive music, best coined as “music for the sensitive creature.” In House Potion Prophetess, Alexandra Pollett, contributes her wizardry to the making of numerous Gorgeous Creature concoctions.  

Incorporating the process of Metamorphosis to shape the evolution of each album (Chrysalis, Imago), musical artist Nostalghia highlights the importance of ritual as a catalyst for change... Rituals enable us to access and connect with the deepest parts of ourselves in order to assist in our own personal evolution. Altar pieces, sacred stone jewelry, therapeutic oils, skincare products, flowers essences, and aura mists embody the groundwork for manifestation, healing, transformation, and empowerment, bringing certainty and resolution to personal choices and new life directions. Opening us to our own innate intuition, wisdom, and inspiration, rituals clear the pathways that gently guide us from one stage of existence into another. Helping to molt what no longer serves our spirit, rituals create a sacred/safe container for transmutation to take place. Embracing the whole of the human expression (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies), rituals plant the embryonic seed of deep, cellular metamorphosis.

“It is with great joy that we unveil Gorgeous Creature, a place of solace for the sensitive, sentient, Gorgeous Creatures all around the globe. Living out my calling as an artist has given me the opportunity to deeply explore the often treacherous, murky waters of emotional chaos. With the plant world and nature as my support system, and music as my release, life has become my altar, placing upon it only what serves my highest calling. We bring you Gorgeous Creature to shine light on the metamorphic essence that is our green earth mother, to help heal the severing that has occured between us and feral nature, and to give all our Creatures a sense of deep belonging. May every Gorgeous Creature blossom…” -Nostalghia