In the forest of the Santa Monica mountains, an album by Nostalghia is gestating set to be born (in complete form) by October 2018. After taking some time away from the chaos of city life to drench myself in the natural world, I found a deep whispering calling my hands back to the piano. Day after day, month after month, playing what would soon become the inner workings of something true, I trusted in my voice to find the vulnerable sound of our newest songs. That time away has gifted me with music I am so profoundly excited to share with you. I trust in my team and myself to make the songs as soaring and sweltering as possible, and I trust in YOU, my fans/friends/supporters to behold and bolster the process.

This brings me to the beauty of Pledge Music, a platform where artists can directly connect with the fans to co-create the artistic legacy void of overbearing pressures. As many of you know, in today’s market, it’s very rare that a boundary pushing artist lands a fair record deal. I have turned down multiple that were borderline criminal for the sake of our artistic freedom and sanity. The problem in doing this however, is that there is no record label to loan us the money to make our albums. So, my creatures…this is where you come in. What I’ve realized is we don’t need a label deal. We need you. Become a co-producer for just $55, and get credited with your name adorned on the back of our record. I’ll also be offering numerous other goodies like personalized poems, my touring outfits, personalized songs, songs named after you and more! Come with me on this journey, and become an integral part in the making of this record.