Metamorphosis For The Blossoming Bohemian: Herbs For Emotional Alchemy (Audio Lecture Series)


Metamorphosis For The Blossoming Bohemian: Herbs For Emotional Alchemy (Audio Lecture Series)


Hello Gorgeous Creatures. It brings me great joy to announce my first audio lecture series course, “Metamorphosis For The Blossoming Bohemian: Herbs For Emotional Alchemy,” where I will be sharing with you numerous herbal allies that have deeply supported me on my journey towards easing the ghosts of anxiety, grief, and fear that often linger in the heart. If you too struggle with any of these perpetual ghosts, or perhaps you are simply a mystic by nature with an innate desire to learn, this course is certainly for you. Come with me into the sacred realms of plant spirit medicine and let us reawaken the flames of The Mystic Archetype for a bewitching, transformative Metamorphic experience.

...In this course we will explore...

*The potent fusion of plant consciousness & ritual in support of Deep Heart Metamorphosis

*Herbal Allies for nurturing The Heart Portal + examination of Medicinal & Spiritual Properties

*Detailed directions for DIY tinctures & plant infusions

*Ceremonies to conjure the spiritual properties of each Herbal Ally

*Heart Portal Metamorphosis Blend (Infusion Or Bath)

*Rituals for healing a broken heart

*Companies for purchasing high quality, organic herbs for teas and tinctures

*Guided Heart Portal Metamorphosis Nature Walk Meditation (immersive experience)

*Audio Lecture Length: 1 Hour 49 Seconds


***Nostalghia is not a medical doctor or a licensed physician. Persons with psychological or physical illness that require a medical doctor should contact licensed medical practitioners.  Practitioner’s intuitive and spiritual suggestions are alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the State. The State of California does not license intuitive practitioners or spiritual service providers.


  1. Plant Spirit Medicine Eliot Cowan

  2. Reference Notes From One Willow Apothecaries by Asia Suler

  3. Reference Notes From The Herbal Academy Herbalist Course

  4. The Gift Of Healing Herbs by Robin Bennett

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