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Nostalghia’s music is best described in palate form; a vulnerable outpour of elemental emotional landscape married to its cinema of sound, birthing what is now coined by fans as, “Music For The Impassioned Creature.”

Just six years ago, California-Iranian native, Nostalghia, found herself homeless in North San Fernando Valley. After breaking into a dingy piano room to sleep for the night, her life would change forever.  At that time, the untrained siren didn't even know she could sing or play.  But, that piano, in that room, in that time, would teach her everything she would need to know.  Soon after, she met collaborator Roy Gnan and in 2015, released their first independent album, Chrysalis. Receiving praise for its innovatively unique synthesis of Primal Pop and The Avant-Garde, Nostalghia was given accolade as a strong force on the rise.

This lead to Nostalghia appearing in and writing for hit films and television shows including John Wick, John Wick Chapter 2, How to Get Away With Murder, The Following, the NBA Finals, and Salem.  She has toured with 30 Seconds to Mars, TV on the Radio, AFI, Chino Moreno's Crosses, and Serj Tankien, among others.  Nostalghia has performed at many music festivals including Austin City Limits, Sound Wave, Riot Fest, Life is Beautiful, Sunset Strip Music Festival, Ottawa Blues Fest, Pemberton Music Festival, and Hudson Project.

Nostalghia's live show is best described as, naked beneath lights. She transports the audience into a cathartic dimension, riding the universal waves of feeling, intensity, and passion; a journey and movement into the unknown, a spiritual transcendence, and a place where all walks of life can connect to the global understanding of love, pain, struggle, and triumph. As one journalist put it,  "Nostalghia has a truly authentic vulnerability that is most rare.  I literally found myself weeping in the middle of the venue."

In October of 2018, Nostalghia is set to release her new full length record, Imago, the next step in the evolution of their debut album Chrysalis. Naked, vulnerable, and unveiled now, she embarks through womanhood on the journey of Imago, a sound which could draw comparisons from a diverse and eclectic group of artists including Agnes Obel, Fiona Apple, Billie Holiday, and Bjork. The first single off of Imago, Little White Moment, bridges the metamorphosis of the artist breaking free from her silk cocoon to the unveiled young woman in her present state of evolution.

When asked the daunting question, "So what do you hope to achieve?"

Nostalghia responds with a smirk and a wink, "Only a lifetime of celebrated transformations."