The Profound Nature Of Tiny Transformations


We can essentially view the subconscious mind as The Gatekeeper Of Habit; where all patterns cultivated during the early formative years go to root and eventually blossom into the behaviors we display today. Time proves itself worthy in its ability to reinforce through repetition, creating a kind of comfort around these patterns regardless of their positive or negative attributes. Not particularly worried about logic or reason, the subconscious gravitates towards what is known, what is therefore seen as safe. Unfortunately, what is seen as safe to the subconscious is not necessarily safe when analyzed by our conscious awareness. Science suggests that around 88% of our mind is made up of the subconscious, and only a mere 12% is made up of the conscious mind. This leaves us in a strenuous predicament where we are able to consciously acknowledge that a behavior we are exhibiting is harmful, yet for some strange reason, find ourselves invariably under its spell. Almost as though some grandiose puppeteer (The Gatekeeper Of Habit) is having a lively laugh with our limp limbs. Perhaps the key to The Gatekeeper lies in the profound nature of tiny transformations. So tiny, that not even The Gatekeeper itself is aware and furthermore not threatened from its throne of comfort. It’s in the imperceptible, that small stroke of virtue or vice, that leaves in time, an ever so little scar. The small choices, repeated daily, that reveal us. Unravel us. You. Who traveled an infeasible distance to inhabit this sublime body. You, who bear witness to the perpetual loops and patterns of life, death, the planets, the seasons; relieved by the familiar. You, fully equipped to disrupt all paralyzing subconscious pleasures in the name of conscious transcendence.




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