Activating Ostara & The Language Of Spring


The last remaining remnants of Winter; spring bears the fruit of its promise, and life indeed returns restored. Ostara, Goddess of Spring, reverberates up the spine with a voice reflective of The Cosmic Egg, resurrecting and activating pure potential. She is fertile thought in motion, impregnating Earth and all creation with her reparative wisdom.

For some, the language of spring is experienced predominately through the prism of renewal, tabula rasa (new beginnings), hope, vision, inspiration, creative energy to fruition. For these creatures, a breakthrough of energy is felt comfortably in the body as liberation. Still though, there exists another tribe of thought not often recognized, that struggle with the pressure of potential rising up within their energetic container. I call these The Spring Sensitives; often individuals drawn toward deep transformation whom perhaps react a bit differently to the stretch of their blossom. This is to be seen as an inherently natural response, for early Spring brings with it the impatience of an unfolding future, testing us in the unknown. It is not until later months that the manifestations of Ostara become fully apparent. The days dilate, the sun breeds warmth, day and night dance as equals, and we learn to embrace both the newfound light and the shadows we shook hands with in Winter. Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes and the grass grows by itself. May this Spring be remembered fondly as it leads you gracefully to tomorrow. 

Suggestions for Activating Ostara:

*Build an altar that reflects your personal desires for Spring

*Choose any song that reawakens your cells and dance to it freely for no reason but to honor the body that contains within it the multiverse

*Make a commitment to hydrate your body daily, setting an intention prior to consuming (scientific studies have proven that intention influences the structure of water!)

*Write any remaining resentments on paper and burn them, releasing them back to where they came from

*Recreate order out of chaos (Spring Cleaning)

*Take a chance and try something new (the small delicate sprout would never know its potential if it stayed safe within its seed)

*As without, so within (Flush out toxins by eliminating foods that stress the liver...fried or very fatty foods, sugar and white flour should be eliminated or minimized, processed foods, and foods with chemical preservatives and food coloring. Donʼt overeat. Try eating slowly to give your body time to process and digest.)




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