We are siphons; our majors and minors merely pieces in an illustriously vagabond sonata.
— Nostalghia

that's a wrap!

It has been a beautiful experience to shoot in Rome with the wonderful crew of John Wick 2. Writing and performing these songs on screen has been majestic to say the least. Special thanks to Chad Stahelski, Tyler Bates, and Keanu Reeves for bringing me on board.

New record coming soon


NOSTALGHIA has officially completed their second record with film composer/record producer Tyler Bates (Composer of Guardians Of The Galaxy, John Wick, 300, Marilyn Manson’s latest record, and more). NOSTALGHIA is currently teaming up and collaborating with visual visionaries to reflect the expansive sonic development of their new body of work. Keep an eye an ear open for NOSTALGHIA in 2016.

Nostalghia's Lyric Video reaches 4,000,000 views

Title track "Who You Talkin' To Man" written by Ciscandra Nostalghia and Tyler Bates for John Wick reaches one million views on youtube. Big thank you to all loyal fans and followers.

tv on the radio/nostalghia tour wrap


It's been real. Here we are with Kyp and Dave from Tv On The Radio.


Thank you to those who voted! It was a landslide due to all of our devoted followers.

afi tour footage